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Historical Description

Myths and legends surrounding the military origins of the Hells Angels MC have for decades been cited as coming from former members of the "Hell's Angels Bomber B-17 Group" from WW2. World War II.
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HAMC's Beginning

On March 17, 1948, the first Hells Angels MC chapter was founded in the Fontana/San Bernadino area. Around the same time, other clubs were formed around California.
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Development of the HAMC

The Hells Angels have evolved a great deal since their early days in California, and continue to do so. It is a long process that has been kept more or less hidden from the general public.
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Developments in Denmark

Back in the 50s, there were no angels in Denmark, but as influences from the US and England reached the country, different motorcycle cultures emerged in Denmark too.
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HAMC in Denmark

In 1975/76, the first Danish biker clubs made contact with foreign biker clubs. Iron Sculls MC from Greve invited Hells Angels MC Hamburg.
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